Divorced People Explain Why They Will Never Remarry

Going through a divorce can be heartbreaking and troublesome. For some people, the tough experience is enough to cut off any possibility of another marriage. These divorcees reveal their reasons for saying they will never remarry… 

Trust is everything in relationships.

Some people can find happiness by living alone.

Misconception about marriage revealed.

Been there, done that.

The painful memory remains.

Marriage is not a fairy tale.

Learn from experience.

Age does matter.

Never say never.

Too much work will kill you.

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The only constant thing in this world is change.

It’s all about money and freedom.

Life is about choices and the decisions we make.

Lessons are often learned too late in life.

Haunted by the ghost of marriage past.

Twice is too much and thrice is stupidity.

The flame of love is dying.

Not again.

All hope in marriage is gone.

For the sake of the child.