Unbelievable Stories Of People Finding Things They Thought They Lost Forever

No one likes losing their possessions. In fact, losing something important to you can be quite upsetting and frustrating. For some of us who are lucky, we might stumble across our lost things later on in life at a totally unexpected time. Here we have some unbelievable stories of people finding things that are sure to put a smile on your face! We’re especially pleased for the people who found their lost items that had sentimental value. Take a look and never lose hope that your missing possessions could turn up!

This is what 18 years worth of lost change looks like in a car! We would love to know how much is here!

At first glance, this may not seem like anything interesting. However, it is actually the favorite toy of a much loved dog that passed away a couple of years ago.

This iPhone was lost in the month of February. It was found in March, and shockingly it still worked!

We can’t get enough of random acts of kindness like this!

A grandpa left his ice skates hanging on a tree when he was younger, he forgot about them and found this scene many years later!

When you’re late for work and you can’t find your keys, remember to check your kid’s car.

This ring was lost for a couple of years until its owner went to replace their monitor!

This is just brilliant! What an interesting message to receive…

Imagine losing your wallet in a lake, only to find it 20 years later in your fishing net! Wow!

Finding your childhood when opening up your piano…

Finding old clothes you thought you had lost is just the best!

Note to self… if reading glasses are lost, always check the bottom of your car!

We wonder if they tried to eat it…

The girl pictured formed a friendship with a taxi driver in Fiji. They lost contact but after 14 years, they were reunited once again!

Stories Of People Finding Things taxi driver


A woman lost her wedding ring in 1995. A whopping 16 years later, it was found as she was picking carrots!