These DIY LED Christmas Balls Made From Chicken Wire Are A Must-Do Project This Year

Typically used to fence in fowls, chicken wire is now beautifully incorporated into décor-making in many different attractive ways. The chicken wire ghost sculptures, for example, make the spookiest Halloween yard décor that could send shivers down everyone’s spine. For this coming festive season, let us grab some chicken wire and make lighted Christmas balls to transform our yard into a bedazzling wonderland.

Due to its flexible property, chicken wire makes a versatile material that can be easily cut and molded into various forms and shapes. For this DIY project, we’ll be molding the wire netting into a ball. Then we dress the ball with string lights in the color of your choice. The size of your lighted Christmas balls will depend on your preference. You can make bigger balls and let these giant bright spheres sit on your front lawn to illuminate your outdoor space. Or you can make smaller balls and hang them on trees or adorn your front porch with these.


Lighted Christmas Balls

lighted christmas balls

To create a spherical shape, you’ll need to cut the chicken wire with a dimension twice as long as it is wide. Connect both ends of the rectangular mesh wire by twisting the wires around each other. This should result to a cylinder shape with open sides. Push the sides inward to create the round shape. Continue pushing in the curves and pulling on the ends to make it as round as possible.

chicken wire glowing sphere


lighted christmas balls chicken wire

Once the wire mesh ball is finished, take a string light and wrap it around the sphere. Make sure to leave the male plug sticking out of the ball so you can plug it easily when it’s time to light it up. Wrap the string light around as evenly as possible. If you plan to create bigger ones, make sure that you have enough string lights to wrap them with. If one strand isn’t enough, you can connect multiple strings to cover the sphere evenly. Plug it in and watch your Christmas ball glow.

chicken wire lighted christmas balls


chicken wire lighted christmas balls diy

You can make more lighted Christmas balls and dress them with string lights in different colors for a more mesmerizing display. Scatter the glowing spheres around your yard and make your home stand out in the holiday season.

chicken wire glowing spheres



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