The Baileys Advent Calendar Comes With Three Different Flavors Of Booze

Trick or treat season has passed, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be receiving treats anymore! It also most definitely doesn’t mean that our favorite brands have run out of tricks up their sleeves. The holiday hubbub has finally commenced, and with it comes the delightful onslaught of advent calendars. Everybody’s joined the waiting game which gives us to opportunity to count down the days ’til Christmas with literally anything from LEGO to diamonds! Boozy advent calendars have also joined in, among them is the Baileys advent calendar. And it’s so wonderful that we’d like three, please.

baileys advent calendar sans background

This boozy advent calendar is filled with 12 mini bottles and more cocktail recipes than before.

Last year, fans of the creamy whiskey were treated to 24 windows containing truffles and a single mini bottle. This year, the Irish cream liqueur company has sized down their holiday countdown tribute to 12 doors. Despite the reduced number of doors, we can’t find it in our selves to be disappointed at all. Considering the fact that this year’s advent calendar features an assortment of our favorite creamy whiskey, we’re sold! The boozy special edition was  initially spotted by a savvy shopper from Money Savers Online, who wrote:

“It’s just simply a fabulous way for any fan to enjoy counting down to the special day with and we can also imagine this being extremely popular as well.”

A 5cl bottle of Baileys is equivalent to two shots of the tasty whiskey drink. Which means that you’re technically getting 24 shots… if you manage not to chug it all up in one go. Plus if you do the math, you’ll find that this boozy calendar’s contents add up to 60cl which is just one shot less from a full bottle.

This year’s Baileys advent calendar offers a diverse flavor pool to warm you up this winter.

Those who get their hands on this year’s boozy binge box will find mini bottles of the Original Irish Cream, Baileys Coffee, and Baileys Orange Truffle hiding behind the windows. Every window also contains recipes for creating a delightful holiday Baileys cocktail. That’s 7 more cocktail ideas than last year’s! The folks over at the Irish liquor company were certainly feeling very generous when they put this together.

two shots of baileys irish cream

This boozy calendar’s £20 price tag, however, is causing some to step back. Fans of the drink were quick to point out that a full-sized, 70cl bottle of Baileys only costs £12. The glaring difference has sparked a debate on whether this boozy calendar is actually worth the splurge. “You’ll get more booze for your bucks by buying bigger bottles individually,” they noted.

Normally, we’d agree that full-sized bottles of booze are the way to go. However, we like the idea of being surprised with a mini Baileys  for 12 days. Plus, considering how each window also reveals a new Baileys cocktail recipe for us to try, it more than makes up for its priciness. Plus, knowing that there’s a big box full of creamy whiskey waiting at home can definitely ease the torture of the holiday madness outside.

So if you’re feeling fancy, treat yourself! The Baileys advent calendar is available in every ASDA store now. But if you don’t feel like squeezing through the holiday shoppers’ crowd, it’s also available online. The Bailey Yule Log will pair wonderfully with it too.