Love Them Or Hate Them Cowboy Crocs Are A Thing Now

Crocs are the shoes we love to hate or hate to love. And, now the shoes come in a cowboy-style design to make ranching more comfortable and more fabulous. And no, these cowboy Crocs are not official merchandise from the popular shoe company. These shoes are made and sold by Etsy shop HornytoadSaddlery that specializes in making handmade cowboy-themed products including spur straps, headstalls, harness latigos, conchos belts, saddle bags and more.

The shop’s latest offering, the Light Ranching Crocs, feature an authentic pair of Crocs adorned with decorative leather strip held in place by glamorous conchos on both sides. It’s fundamentally just a pair of regular clogs decorated with cowboy-inspired embellishments. So, expect to get the same comfy feeling with its soft, shock-absorbing foam resin material. Additionally, this footwear should give you that authentic rancher vibe whenever you need to do some light ranching.


Light Ranching Cowboy Crocs

cowboy crocs

The Crocs are available in a wide range of color options including white, black, red, pink, turquoise, and cheetah. They are available for pre-order with a turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks. You can also opt to customize the design of the leather strip according to your preference. And make sure to message the shop with your size. Since they are original Crocs shoes, expect the footwear to be a bit pricey (plus shipping). But if you’re a fan of clogs and a cowboy at heart, nothing could make a better fit for your feet.

light ranching cowboy crocs

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light ranching clogs

Source: Etsy