One Of The Funny Scenes From Tom And Jerry Has Been Made Into A Stair Rug

There’s no other show on Earth had a greater influence on our childhood than Tom & Jerry. So, let’s relive one of the funniest moments from the classic cartoon series with this flat Tom stair rug. Remember the episode where a baby elephant disguised itself as a giant Jerry? That episode should remind you of the moment when Tom tried to carry the baby elephant but loses his balance and ending up falling on the stairs. Since the elephant was too heavy for him, the poor cat fell flat (literally) on the steps of the stair.

That particular scene was the inspiration behind this cleverly crafted rug. The iconic blue/grey cat in his flattened form is now made alive into a rug. And we’re sure all Tom & Jerry fans couldn’t be any happier. Place the rug at the bottom steps of the stair to make it look like something straight out of the cartoon show. This quirky decoration is guaranteed to take everyone on a trip down memory lane with smiles and laughter.


Flat Tom Stair Rug

flat tom stair rug

The flat Tom stair rug is hand-tufted with anti-skid backing technology to prevent it from sliding around on the floor. Just make sure that the floor underneath is clean and dry before placing the rug. It measures 55 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and weighs 1.4 lbs. You can simply lay it flat on any floor. But if you want to recreate that funny scene then placing it on the stairs is more preferable. For regular cleaning, use a vacuum to easily remove dirt and dust. For deep cleaning, hand wash it using gentle detergent then air-dry or hang dry after washing.

flat tom stair rug hand-tufted


funny cartoon-inspired carpet anti-slid backing


“It’s so soft, and it doesn’t slip on the stairs when someone walks on it!”, a happy buyer wrote. “To say I am impressed is an understatement!”

flat tom stair rug funny design


tom-inspired hand-tufted carpet

Source: Etsy