The New Minions Cereal Tastes Like Vanilla Cake

News about the postponement of Minions: The Rise of Gru has surely left many fans sad and blue. The film was expected to premiere this summer but was rescheduled to July 2021 due to the current pandemic. Thankfully, General Mills is making the long wait a little more bearable with a Minions-themed cereal. Officially marketed as Vanilla Vibe, this new breakfast bite reportedly tastes just like vanilla cake! Cereal that tastes like cake will drive those morning blues away!

Word about this new treat first got out in April when Instagrammer @cereallife leaked a photo of its sample packaging. As detailed on the box, the new morning munchies feature sweetened corn cereal with marshmallows. Of course, the cereal pieces come in yellow and blue as a nod to the Minions’ signature colors. Meanwhile, the marshmallow bits are white. As stated earlier, this cereal has a nice vanilla flavor to it. So, it’s basically like eating dessert early in the morning, which we don’t mind at all.

The new GM offering finally made its way to the shelves just recently. Apparently, there were a few revisions on the sample packaging that surfaced back in April. The official version now features only one Minion, as opposed to the previous version which had three. Nonetheless, the flavor remains the same but it is now called Vanilla Vibe.


General Mills’ new Minions-themed cereal tastes just like vanilla cake, so it’s basically like having dessert for breakfast!

Various Instagram users have already spotted it at their local Walmart stores. It comes in a 16-ounce family size box and retails for a little less than $4. Apparently, this isn’t the company’s first attempt at churning out a Minions-themed cereal. A few years ago, they released a special-edition Minions Banana Berry Flavor cereal.

Likewise, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the only pop-culture-themed cereal that General Mills has in store for us. This summer, they’re also releasing a Star Wars cereal with little Baby Yoda marshmallows in it! Even if you’re not a morning person, General Mills’ amazing treats will certainly give you a reason not to skip breakfast.