Everybody Needs A ‘Bee Happy’ Tumbler In Their Collection

Brighten up your morning routine by sipping your cup of Joe from this Bee Happy tumbler. Tumblers come in many different colors, designs and sizes. So if you can devote time to shopping, you can find one that matches your personality. Besides, we all want to flaunt something that demonstrates our individual character or mood.

If you’re feeling cheerful or you simply love bees and honey then this Bee Happy tumbler should suit your taste. This gorgeous-looking drink container features glittery details including bees, honeycombs, flowers, honey jars, and beehives printed all around the white-colored cup. The designs are made with premium glitter, mica powders, and paints. The cup is also adorned with tiny bee ornaments made with premium vinyl and sparkling rhinestones. So, you’ll get a shimmering spectacle in every turn.


Bee Happy Tumbler

honeybee inspired drinking cup curved

What’s more, you can opt to add a ‘dripping honey’ effect to be placed along the rim. And we see no reason why you shouldn’t want to add this awesome feature. This stainless steel Bee Happy tumbler is double walled and vacuum insulated. It is sweat-proof and will insulate both hot and cold beverages. It will keep your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. The liquid container comes with a transparent lid and a drinking straw.

honeybee inspired drinking cup


bee happy tumbler skinny style

The glittery designs are handcrafted so no two tumblers are exactly the same. To protect the design, the external surface is entirely coated with an FDA compliant, food safe epoxy sealant that also gives the cup a smooth, glass-like finish. Please note that epoxy coating is not crack-proof. Hence, it is not dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Hand-wash only to preserve the quality of the epoxy.

honeybee inspired drinking cup honey drip


honeybee inspired drinking cup glittery design

The Bee Happy tumbler is available in skinny and curved styles. Skinny style features the drinking container with straight sides while the curved style features a wider rim and a thinner base. Both styles come in 20-oz and 30-oz sizes. You can also opt to personalize by adding your name or any two-word phrase at the back of the cup for no extra charge. It also makes a delightful gift to anyone who can’t live without their favorite drinks at hand. One happy buyer wrote:

“Seriously such a beautiful cup! I know my friend will love it. Very happy with the purchase.”

bee happy tumbler honey drip rim


bee happy tumbler curved style


bee happy tumbler

Source: Etsy