14 Images Showing Enchanting ‘Mermaid Crowns’ You Will Love

The mystical creatures that are mermaids have a huge fan base. People all around the world have created many mermaid related things, including swimming tails, crocheted tail blankets and even ‘mermaid’ facilities and centers where you can see the half human/half fish creations swimming around! Well, here we have another themed item you are going to love. Melbourne based florist Chelsea Shields had been making flower crowns until she had the idea to switch things up and create shell crowns. From there, the 27 year old found she had an immense talent for creating unique pieces and the enchanting mermaid crowns were born. Check out some of her range below!
Website: Etsy

The crowns have had a hugely positive reception…

With them often selling out as soon as they become available!

These designs are perfect for photo shoots…


…fancy dress occasions, and, most importantly…

…feeling like a magical mermaid goddess!

Many of the crowns incorporate gold jewelry.

The color schemes are perfectly put together.

As is the detail and structure of every individual piece.

We adore these crowns and would love to own one, or five!

The shells are properly sourced from suppliers that donate 30% of its profits to charities. 

We love the inclusion of the gems and precious stones.

This one even has lace!

What do you think of the mermaid crowns? Let us know in the comments section!