The Sons Of Arthritis Ibuprofen Chapter T-Shirt Is Perfect For Older Bikers

They say old habits never die. True enough, our passion for something never diminishes even as we age. So if you’re an aging biker, this Sons of Arthritis Ibuprofen Chapter T-Shirt should demonstrate your undying love for the biker culture. Well, if you know someone involved in the motorcycle community, you’ve probably seen them wearing shirts or jackets showing the name of the biker club they belong to and the chapter they’re in. Most of the times, it also includes the logo of their particular biker group.

One has to be physically capable of controlling powerful, super-fast motorcycles to become a full-fledged biker. Furthermore, one has to possess physical endurance to withstand hours of driving on the road. Needless to say, motorcycling is not often something for older people to ever consider doing. When arthritis and other age-related diseases start to manifest, bikers are forced to retire from driving for their safety. If you’re a biker at heart, but your age won’t allow you to do the thing you love the most anymore, there’s still a way to show your passion for motorcycles. And while you’re at it, you can add a bit of humor to it with this Sons of Arthritis T-Shirt.


Sons of Arthritis Ibuprofen Chapter T-Shirt

old man wearing sons of arthritis ibuprofen chapter t-shirt

The printed label on the shirt is a reference to the natural occurring health problem in older people: arthritis. Most elderly people with this condition are taking in ibuprofen to relieve flaring joint pain. Hence, the name of the ‘chapter’ they belong.

sons of arthritis ibuprofen chapter t-shirt
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Since the phrase itself has become the motto of all aging bikers, some t-shirt designers decided to add another comical twist to it by doing some play-of-words. Such is the case for these t-shirts that read Sons of Ibuprofen. We also found this version that reads Sons With Arthritis Ibuprofen Chapter with a large image of a skull printed in front.

sons of ibuprofen shirt black
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shirts for aging bikers
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sons with arthritis ibuprofen chapter shirt black
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sons with arthritis ibuprofen chapter shirt blue
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You can choose your preferred design then select your ideal size and color. All of these options are made from 100% cotton. Both versions from Amazon have the label and image printed at the back while the two versions from Etsy have them in front.

We’ve found two versions of the Sons of Arthritis T-Shirt on Amazon and Etsy. Both feature the complete text along with an image of a skeleton biker in between the phrases.