Awesome Shark Socks Make It Look Like They Are Feasting On Your Legs

The aftershock brought about by Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is bigger than we thought. So, let’s keep the shark craze rolling with our latest discovery. We’ve found these amazing shark socks on Ravelry and we can’t stop ourselves from sharing it with you.  If you love knitting then this is absolutely for you. Lisa Grossman, aka the Tsarina of Tsocks, published the pattern for the shark socks on Ravelry as a fund raiser to help hurricane victims. The digital pattern showed the detailed step-by-step instructions to create knitted socks in the form of sharks.

lisa grossman shark socks knit pattern

The digital pattern includes two sets of shark socks design. One features a shark that appears to bite the leg upwards while the other set features a shark biting the leg downwards. Since the fund raiser is already closed, the pattern is no longer available on the site.

ravelry shark socks knit pattern
shark socks knit pattern detail

However, we’ve found a similar digital pattern available on Etsy. You can buy the pattern for the crocheted shark socks in three sizes – baby, child, and adult. After your purchase, you will find the PDF files in the Downloads page. Download and save all the files associated with your purchase. Since the files are in PDF format, you’ll need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer or device to open the files.

etsy shark socks crochet pattern customer outcome


etsy shark socks crochet pattern
Irene Layman | Etsy


shark socks crochet pattern etsy
boyer246 | Etsy

Not a fan of crochet or knitting? If shark socks are what you’re after (without the DIY elbow grease), there are lots of options on here. Bring the thrill of shark attack right to your feet with these shark bite socks. Whether you opt to apply your crochet skills or go for the finished pair of socks without the sweat, the option is yours to take.

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