12 Times ‘Broad City’ Totally Described Your Life


We’re assuming that you’re here because you love Broad City as much as we do, but if you haven’t already watched the awesome comedy, you really need to! Like, now! We think that the reason it’s such an awesome show is that, if you’re a young (or young at heart) adult, it pretty much is your day to day life. Covering all sorts of topics from relationships to work to trying to make adult decisions, most of us can relate to it in one way or another. Here are twelve times when Broad City totally described your life. Take a look!



When even the smallest amount of work is too stressful.


When you get oddly excited about doing growup stuff.


When you start becoming scared of youths.


When you totally oversell your skills and it gets awkward.


When online dating has ruined your game in the real world.


When you’re not quite sure how to solve your problems.


When you think you’re getting old, but really you’re just a baby.


When you realize adults can get candy whenever they want.


When flirting is hard.


When every day feels the same and you lose track.


When you get way too happy about a good bargain.


When adulting is just too hard.

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