Confessions From People About Their Insecurities

Everyone has his/her insecurities. We all have that one thing we’d like to change about ourselves. Some want to become taller, some wish they were skinnier, and some just want to become smarter. Whatever that is, these insecurities are normal. However, we have to understand that nobody’s perfect. And some of these confessions are proofs.

Is there anything you wish that were different about you? Here are a few confessions from people about their insecurities.


Everybody needs this, to be honest.

Attachment problems are very common in relationships.


You are not alone. A lot of people want the same thing.


Dyslexia is a difficult thing to live with but that’s life.


When you just want to feel beautiful:


Being awkward in public is difficult.


When you just need to love yourself the way you are:


Because we all have imperfections.


When you realize the importance of healthy lifestyle:


There are ways to do this now.


When you it’s just hard for you to be nice at times:


When all else fails, there’s always diet and exercise.


But we can’t always get what we want.


When good things about you start to bother you:


When all you have to do is to embrace your flaws:


This is a lot of girls’ ultimate dream.

When you just want to be confident all the time:


Who cares about being short? What matters most is the personality you have.


When you’re pretty much content of you are except for one thing:


But you didn’t ask for this, so it’s not your fault.