Funny Teachers Who Really Know How To Play The Game

A teacher’s job is one of the hardest things to do, but it is rewarding. Teachers get to deal with their students differently depending on situations. But these funny teachers exactly know what they’re doing.

Here we have funny teachers who really know how to deal with their students. Because teachers have an amazing sense of humor too.

This professor threatened to draw dead kittens because his students won’t stop chatting during class.

When your chemistry teacher is getting into the Christmas spirit:

When you really want to get the message across:

Just some of the things you can learn at the faculty of medicine.

This teacher prepared an exploding pumpkin for her students.

“Draw me like one of your IT girls.”

When you’re fed up with students who don’t return calculators:

When your Math teacher got bored while checking your paper:

How to entertain a class:

When you ran out of ideas on how to silence the class:

When your teacher is just naturally cool:

“Today our teacher showed us the right way to kill a wasp.”

When your teacher just wants to show off his drawing skills:

How to evoke your students’ interest about history:

When your teacher is awesome enough to draw a map:

Moral Lesson: Do not smoke in the toilet or else this will happen.

When your teacher knows all the memes:

When your teacher is a Marvel fan:

Never think it’s safe to copy from your classmates.