You Can Now Get Cheap ‘Snoring Swatters’ To Help You Fight Back

Having sleepless nights is the worst nightmare of having a loud snorer as a partner. It’s a common problem among couples. And this ingenious snoring swatter might just be the ultimate solution to stop your partner from disturbing your good night sleep.

According to studies, about 40 percent of adult men and 24 percent of adult women are habitual snorers. Of course, it’s also a common knowledge that men snore louder than women. Many wives have been kept awake all night due to the noisy, never-ending snores of their partners. Well, here’s the snoring swatter to the rescue. The hilarious product was spotted in Poundland by a woman and decided to share it to Facebook group ‘B&M Bargains & More‘. She posted a photo of her amazing find along with the caption: “Found this in Poundland, I think every woman needs one of these.”


The Snoring Swatter spotted by a shopper in Poundland

snoring swatter poundland

Women who happen to have snoring partners could greatly benefit from this humorous product. An expandable stick with a head in the shape of fist, you can already presume how the snoring swatter works. Furthermore, the package label reads ‘Pow! For a Super King Size Reach’. So, it’s safe to assume that the product is used to swat the snorer’s face each time they snore like a big fat walrus. That would surely wake them up and probably ponder what they did wrong. Ain’t that clever?

Snoring Swatter

This is probably similar to the Snore Stopper Boxing Glove. But the huge difference is that this snoring swatter has an expandable handle which makes ‘jabbing’ more satisfying. Furthermore, it can reach your partner’s face regardless of the distance between you.

snorer husband

The Facebook post quickly went viral along with a flood of comments from women who can relate to this problem. One woman even wrote:

“I needed this about five this morning, I would of quite happily of jabbed him.”

We’ve checked the store’s official online shop to see if we could find the hilarious product. Unfortunately, the snoring swatter isn’t available online. So, you’ll need to visit the nearest Poundland store to buy it. Let’s swat our way to a peaceful sleep!