19 Amazing Octopus Related Items You Will Love

Not everyone can be an octopus-lover, but you have to admit that they’re amazing animals. These marvelous marine creatures have long been the stuff of legend. Of course, today we know that they’re not sea monsters, but they still hold a certain mystique. All of these gorgeous items feature octopuses as a main point of design. While that might sound strange, take a look at these amazing things and tell us that you don’t want at least one of them. We pretty much want them all!

These octopus cocktail glasses will wow your guests.

This might be the best watch we’ve ever seen. *Swoon*

This umbrella is amazing. Check out the handle.

This octopus table is sheer magnificence.

This bottle stopper is cute and functional.

Find it here: Octopus Wine Stopper

Impress with this octopus serving pedestal.

How about an octopus ring?

Or some more?

This octopus punch bowl would be a stunning centerpiece at a party.

Hang up your belongings in style.

This octopus gate is simply amazing.

This guy might be a little too close to our ears for comfort.

Find it here: Octopus Ear Cuff

We’d love to drink from this octopus mug.

Find it here: Octopus Coffee Mug

Now, that’s a light fixture!

This octopus chair is ridiculously awesome.

Find it here: Octopus Chair

This adorable dude will guard your cell phone.

This candelabra makes us want to buy all the candles.

Find it here: Octopus Candle Holder

This cake is almost too impressive to eat. Almost.

This unique octopus bracelet is super cool.

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