Danish Artist Marianne Creates Huge Colorful Bouquets Of Flowers Made From Tissue Paper

Flowers can be pretty magical because of the bright colors and different types. But, it’s always a bittersweet moment when a flower’s beauty starts to fade. But, it seems like Danish artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen will never have to worry that because she creates bouquets of tissue paper flowers that will last forever.

Her colossal floral creations have been blooming in the most glamorous places, and it’s easy to understand why some of the biggest names in fashion have collaborated with her. It seems, the trend of crafting giant blooms has been popular for years but Marianne’s handcrafts are on an entirely different level.

So, Marianne has a degree in fashion design from The School of Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She completed her studies and graduated in 1995. Since then, she’s designed for various brands and their different materials. She’s created designs for Levi Strauss (denim), Kopenhagen Fur (mink), Georg Jensen (silver) and Klarlund (platinum). In addition to her work with these materials, Marianne continued to experiment and perfect her own design style. If all that wasn’t enough her hand cut accessories have even been worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the world, like Björk and Steven Tyler.












Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen’s bouquets of tissue paper flowers have blossomed in the most glamorous places

Her creations belong to her brand “M.E.S.H. By Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen”. Here, she describes her work as “paper couture”. According to her website, Scott-Hansen creates haute couture fashion accessories and unique paper decorations for celebrations, events, shows and branding.

It’s been 5 years since she started creating her tissue paper flowers. Over the years these delicate masterpieces have become a favorite with some of the fashion industry’s biggest names. Scott-Hansen has created bouquets for Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf, Elle Denmark, Birger Christensen, Jane Kønig, Royal Copenhagen and even Hérmes! In addition to her impressive portfolio, Scott-Hansen’s creations have also been exhibited at Hempels Glas Museum, Voergaard Castle and Copenhagen Contemporary.












She creates her tissue paper flowers without relying on templates or patterns

Marianne explained that her creative work is a reflection of her childhood in the countryside and this is why her style showcases nature and Danish folk art. Moreover, she also shared that she prefers to work intuitively, instead of depending on patterns and templates. Her dreamy tissue paper flowers come to life with her own vision with nothing else and this independent method ensures that every flower is unique.

So, to create her larger-than-life blossoms, Marianne starts by cutting through 50 to 60 layers of paper at a time. And, by a rough estimate, each colossal tissue paper flower requires about a thousand sheets of millimeter-thin pieces of the tissue paper. Surprisingly, these enchanting flowers are all made with ready-made tissue papers, not custom papers.






“I’d rather use what’s available. If I could design the paper myself, it wouldn’t inspire me. Now I have to make every effort to get something flavorful out all these pang colors. I really like that,” she said.








The tissue paper flowers are surprisingly sturdy despite being made from flimsy material






“If they fall down and land on their heads, they won’t break. The many layers of paper reinforce each other, which means that when I create my flowers, I actually form a weak material into something strong. I make a humble material that no one thinks anything about into a luxury object.”






Each of her flowers are handmade and unique






“It’s all in the hands, so to speak. I want to enter into a dialogue with the material. Work my way into it. Exploring rather than ‘mere’ re-working and investigation. (Seeing) how far you can ‘stretch’ paper.”






Aside from flowers, she also creates giant insects with tissue paper. And, these look amazing to.






“Thrift, hard work, and industry are required as well, in order for my artworks to grow into something other than the tissue they were. Something must be small before it can be big, humble before it can be flashy – it is the contrast of nature that carries oppulence within it and triggers our imagination. In my reworking, the tissue paper roots of the triffid may also become the rose.”




So, the bouquets of tissue paper flowers look like they are from Alice in Wonderland




These flower are just stunning!





Finally, which flower creation is your favorite?


Source: Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen  | Website