Kids Making Some Hilarious Choices In Life

Kids will always be kids. And it can be difficult for them to figure out the rules of life. As adults, we know that it’s never a good idea to draw all over your body with a permanent marker or to fill the entire bath and bathroom with bubbles. However, these little children are learning from experience! We guess that part of growing up is testing your own boundaries as well as those of your parents. And, the long-suffering parents of the youngsters in these images must have been through a heck of a lot! Take a look and remember to let us know your favorite photo in the comments.


“Hey! Watch where you’re putting your hands!” 

kids photo fails pair babies chest

Mom must have been so proud.

kids photo fails paint everywhere

She’ll never live this down!

kids photo fails red top

We hope that mixer wasn’t plugged in!

kids photo fails mixer eating

What on earth?

kids photo fails kid cone

He thinks he’s a cat!

kids photo fails kid cat carrier

How did this little kid manage to hide in there?

kids photo fails kid behind toilet

Looks like he’s having a great birthday!

kids photo fails grumpy hat baby

His mom asked him to get dressed to do some yard work!

kids photo fails dragon outfit

The bathroom must have taken ages to clean up!

kids photo fails bubble bath overflow

This looks pretty freaky!

kids photo fails boy stuck couch

Someone found the permanent markers!

kids photo fails boy marker body

Just chilling in front of the TV.

kids photo fails boots

An interesting Halloween choice.

kids photo fails traffic light boy