You Now Get Your Own Slush Puppie Machine And Add A Little Booze To The Mix

It goes without saying that we’ve made some pretty colorful memories as kids. There wasn’t much to worry about beyond our arts and crafts projects, who had the coolest new toy and what was going to happen to our favorite TV hero. During those days, we enjoyed a myriad of sugar-loaded treats and sipped on juices that dyed our tongues bright red or deep blue, much to our delight. And now, Firebox is giving us the chance to relive those days with their Slush Puppie Machine. Yes, you got that right, my friend. You can now make slushies in the comfort of your own home!

The colorful cold treat originated in Ohio during the 1970’s. It didn’t take long for it to rise in popularity and to become an iconic frozen dessert that children from all over the world would love. Back then, these were exclusively sold at stands and we had to line up for them. Well, you won’t need to go to your local convenience store anymore with this nifty appliance at your disposal.

Compared to those giant slushie machines that you see in stores, Firebox’s nostalgic appliance is just about the same size as countertop blender. It’s compact, portable and very easy to use! You can easily carry it along wherever you want, as long as there’s a power outlet to connect it to.

Slush Puppie Machine


The Slush Puppie Machine is a nostalgic treat in itself

Blue Slush Puppie with red raspberry as garnish

We all know that Firebox reigns supreme when it comes to selling wacky nostalgic items perfect for gift-giving. And they’ve certainly lived up to their reputation with this jewel-hued machine! This machine will definitely be your kitchen’s crowning jewel thanks to its bright blue color and blast-from-the-past logo. Those who’ve enjoyed the drink before will definitely feel elated and kids will love it. According to its manufacturer, the machine is “new and improved but still replete with all the authentic retro finishings of the original”.


You can enjoy more than just slushies with this machine

The machine can be yours for £39.99 or $50. The price is a bit steep, so naturally our sensible grown-up side’s got us wondering if the machine’s actually worth the splurge. Don’t mistake this with just another blender you can get at the appliance store. This machine won’t just give you a delicious blast-from-the-past. You can actually whip up several other drinks with it as well. From fruity cocktails to iced coffee, Firebox’s machine has got you covered.

Blue Raspberry Syrup for Slush Puppie


Red Cherry Syrup for Slush Puppie

Unfortunately, due to “shipping restrictions”, Firebox can’t ship this item to U.S. clients yet. However, if you’re based in the UK or in Europe, you can bring this beverage maker home and enjoy its frosty goodness as much as you want. All you have to do is load it up with ice, some table salt and add the syrup. Then watch it churn out those yummy slushies you’ve always loved!

Sadly, the syrups don’t come with the machine. You’ll have to get them separately, but hey, go big or go home, right? Get the Slush Puppie Machine here. It’ll definitely make a great Christmas present to prepare you and your loved ones for the coming summer season!