16 Hacks To Make Cleaning At Home A Lot Easier – Part 2

The quicker and more effectively you can clean your home, the sooner you can get on to doing the more important things in life. That’s why these awesome hacks for cleaning your home are so important. Many of them use natural ingredients, which means they’re also great for anyone who likes to avoid using too many harmful chemicals. If you want to see some more excellent cleaning tips, take a look at Part 1.
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Put lemon chunks and vinegar into ice cube trays, freeze them and throw one down your garbage disposal every night to keep it fresh and clean.


Simmer lemon, rosemary, and vanilla extract in water to make your house smell amazing.

One More Moore

A mixture of baking soda and vegetable oil will clean every crack and crevice.

One Good Thing

Use a cloth on a wire hanger to clean inside the glass of your oven door.

Ask Anna

Get your tub sparkling clean by using salt and half a grapefruit.

Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

Pour-n-Restore will get oil stains off your drive.


Put citrus peel and vinegar in a jar to get an amazing citrus-scented cleaner. After a week or more, just mix the liquid with equal parts water and get scrubbing.

For the Love of Food

Items such as lemon will help clean the dirt out of wooden chopping boards.

Apartment Therapy

Get your iron as hot as it will go, put the metal part in salt and apply the steam function to get it clean.

A Mum n The Oven

Use salt and baking soda to clean silver.

On Sutton Place

Secure a plastic bag filled with vinegar over your shower head, leave it overnight and watch the dirt and lime scale fall away.

A Real Life Housewife

Use a lemon to remove water stains from faucets and more.

Broccoli Cupcake

Use an onion to clean your grill and help stop food sticking to it.


Use vinegar to remove the nasty buildup on taps and other metal parts in the bathroom.

The Thrifty Home

Use window cleaner and an iron to remove carpet stains.

Pin Tester
Pin Tester

Make your own all natural air fresheners.

The Pin Junkie

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