Cops Share The Dating Challenges That They Face

Many people love the idea of being with a man or woman in uniform. Having power and authority can be extremely attractive! Especially when paired with bravery, selflessness and kindness. However, despite this, it can be really hard for people in uniform to find that special person. Here we have a list of images where cops share the dating challenges that they often face. Take a look and see what you think!
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Sometime you have to branch out to find something real! 

It might not be because they view it as a bad thing. It’s often because many people can’t handle worrying about their partner going to work, risking their life each day. 

Yeah… we can see where this cop is coming from on that second point! Think of all the germs, gross!

Sometimes people want the cop fantasy without the baggage. 

This happens to plenty of people! Don’t beat yourself up.

Wow. What a ray of sunshine you are! Punishing a gender as a whole based on the treatment of a few. That’s really fair isn’t it?

It sounds like you’re better off. 

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We’re sure that to some people, you absolutely are that ‘hot cop’! 

We all have our different preferences!

This may seem like an abuse of power but we can appreciate the reasons behind it. 


Well this is just strange. You can still finish a date and have a good time with someone even if nothing romantic is going to come from it. How did these women know they wouldn’t find a great friend in this cop?

Sometimes it’s easier to be with someone who understands and relates to the burdens that your job brings.

Perks of the job!