This Old Camper Gets An Amazing Makeover With A Twist


If you saw this ancient, beaten up Airstream camper, you'd think it was beyond hope and destined for the junkyard. However, one person saw so much more when they looked at it and gave the old thing an amazing makeover. Scroll through these photos and you'll see the transformation from an old junker into something awesome. 


Here's the old camper. Sure, it looks old and tarnished. Not too bad.


But, just wait until you see inside…


Eww. That's really unpleasant. Just looking at it makes you feel like you need a shower, or fifty.


What's the solution? Gut everything!


That's right, take the whole lot out and kill it with fire.


Now it's time to get started on the transformation. Most of the work was completed by the talented Jeremy at JEK Creations in Austin, Texas.




Can you tell what it's being turned into yet?


That's right! This dump of an old camper has been turned into a luxurious mobile hair salon!


The place is just gorgeous!

So, there you have it. That old camper wasn't such as lost cause after all. It's now the Hair and There Mobile Salon, which is located in Katy, Texas. Of course, it can come to you in the surrounding areas for a fee! Pretty neat, huh? 


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