These Awesome Lego Versions Of Music Bands Are Super Cool


Lego is the coolest and when made into some awesome miniature bands it becomes even cooler! Matthieu Urbaniak and photographer Pierre Desrumeaux thought just that when the time came around to create the CB Vinyl Record Art 2014 advent calendar. Take a look below to see their fun pictures. We're loving the Marilyn Monroe even though she was better known as an actress who sang rather than as a rock star!

Website: cbvinylrecordart


The Beatles


Bruce Springsteen


The Doors


Johnny Cash


Guns N Roses


David Bowie


Iggy Pop


The White Stripes


Amy Winehouse


Iron Maiden


The Beach Boys


Elton John


The Beastie Boys









ZZ Top


Marilyn Monroe






The Blues Brothers


The Bee Gees




Daft Punk

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