11 One Direction Fans Who Have Taken It Too Far


One Direction is one of the most popular and successful boy bands ever to grace the world's stadiums. So, it's not surprising the group has particularly dedicated and devoted fans. Merchandising material and products connected with the 1D brand are endlessly produced, whilst fans spend ages creating memes and manipulating images of the heart throbs. Some of the 1D stuff that you see out there on the web is absolutely bonkers! The 11 images below are proof of that! Check them out!


She actually tried to marry a cardboard cut out!


Seriously? You'd pay this much for a crust of pizza?


Apparently, 1D socks are the height of fashion.



Freaky eyes!


Extreme fans.


We'd always wondered what the members looked like without teeth and eyebrows, too!


These signs are so cringe-worthy.


Nail art is the best way to show your devotion!


This is just plain creepy…


…And, so is this!


How is this happening?

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