This Glow In The Dark Ghost Candle Holder Is Perfect For A Spooky Movie Night

Bask in a spook-filled ambience this spooky season with this glow in the dark ghosts candle holder. So ghostly yet so fun, this 3-wick candle holder is just what you need to get you into the Halloween mood. This cylinder candle holder features roaming ghosts scattered around the cylinder vase. Some are depicted in silhouette forms while others have faces in either friendly or spooky manner.

What’s more, the dancing ghosts with faces also glow in the dark to give you a spectacular sight in the dark. While the candle it holds illuminate the entire room, this candle holder also gives off a soft neon green glow to lit up your weary spirit. Please note that the candle holder doesn’t include a 3-wick candle. So, you’ll have to buy the candle separately.


Glow In The Dark Ghosts Candle Holder

glow in the dark ghosts candle holder

This glow in the dark ghosts candle holder measures 3.5 inches high with a diameter of 4.25 inches. It can hold any standard 3-wick candles. Of course, scented types are highly recommended so you can take advantage of their aromatherapy benefits. Furthermore, 3-wick candles have the ability to provide more fragrance throw as they burn faster than candles with less wicks. In addition to the increased scent throw, 3-wick candles also create a lighting source with more light and flame.

glow in the dark ghosts candle 3-wick

This glow in the dark ghosts candle holder is ideal for reusing. Even without a candle, its fun and spooky design makes it an eye-catching Halloween décor. And since it is the size of a small planter, it can also be an awesome addition to your patio or desk in other ways. One happy buyer wrote:

“Very pleased! This is just adorable and perfect for getting into the Halloween mood. I love that it’s glow in the dark and my vampire blood candle looks extra creepy in it!”


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