Employees Share The Most Outrageous Requests From Customers

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, it’s no secret that difficult customers can be a huge pain in the back side. It’s actually mind blowing the self entitlement you come across with certain people! Whether it be outright rudeness, expecting special treatment or trying their luck, some customers can leave you wanting to scream. Especially as more often than not, you can’t react in the way you would like to as you have to maintain your professionalism. Here we have a shocking list of outrageous requests employees in different fields have experienced. Take a look!
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Outrageous Requests From Customers

Some people really think that the world revolves around them! 

Each to their own! 

It’s nice to respect other people but this seems a bit over the top! 

The world doesn’t stop when we go on vacation!

It really does baffle you how people can make requests like this with no shame! 

The accuser was clearly and insecure person.

One thing we really can’t stand is rude and obnoxious people! 

Some people just love to try their luck!

This is why you should always take a moment to think things through before making a fool of yourself! 

If only there was such a thing as a patience discount! 

A word springs to mind here… ‘chancers’…

If the customer themselves doesn’t know, then they can’t expect others to! 

Poor child. Thank goodness the waitress looked out for them! 

Those signs are there for a reason! 

This customer doesn’t have a leg to stand on if they were forewarned.