15 Photos Of Sarcastic People That Have A Great Sense Of Humor

The world today is now full of sarcastic people. These kinds of people tend to find something to laugh about, or make other people laugh about, easily even in the plainest situations. Who wouldn’t want to be around people who can make you laugh? Here is a collection of jokes that will definitely turn your frown upside down! 

Sarcasm isn’t always well received but these sarcastic people clearly have a great sense of humor…

The recipe says “Dip the mother in her children”…

Pack your Christmas tree and make it look ready for next year’s Halloween event.

Who says cartoons are for kids? Even Pixar cartoons can have dark jokes.


Even the dead can be disappointed, apparently! 

Looking at this photo of a cat falling gives a sense of comfort knowing that something else will always look worse on a photo than I do.

This is what happens when you order your own birthday cake.

It will take him a little longer to figure this one out.

Something to remember him by.

Losing a body part doesn’t have to mean losing your sense of humor! 

Let’s hope he figures it out before he throws out the box of colored pencils!

The perfect ornament for Halloween and Christmas. You get the best of both worlds!

“My friends asked me to look after their dog. They forgot that I am Korean.”

Surgeons get bored of the usual stitch… time to spice things up a little.

It’s better to make sure it works.

I think I’ll call this little bunny “Gary”!