14 Awesome Husbands That Have A Creative Sense Of Humor


Marriage is a partnership and it takes lots of effort and understanding, from each side, to make it work. Often there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, so it’s helpful when couples share the chores. These 14 husbands seem to have mastered getting their share of jobs done around the house. Some of these are ingenious! Check them out and let us know any hilarious housework stories you have to share about your partner in the comments!

No whisk? No worries!


This would be a shock if you didn’t know there had been a grocery makeover!


The truth in this card is hilarious.


This goes to prove that romance isn’t dead!


One wife asked her husband to put spaghetti on the stove. He did this…


When one husband was left home alone with the kids for a few days!


When one husband found ice cream on sale at the grocery store.


When a 6’2″ husband hung a mirror, for his 5’1″ wife!


When one husband was banned from drinking beer in the house, this happened…


When one wife was worried about her weight, this is what her partner left on the scales…


The secret stash has been found!


A very beautiful poem displayed on the fridge with the magnets!




And finally, we can’t really argue with this husbands logic!

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