18 Epic Work Related Fails That Will Leave You Speechless


It’s inevitable that we all will make some little mistakes in our lives that we will learn from or be able to correct easily. However, the people who made these mistakes below made some really hilarious classics! What on earth were they thinking?! Ok, so a small mistake can happen to anyone, but these are just crazy-stupid! Get ready to laugh out loud at these epic job fails.


The guy who has now confused 100 of shoppers

Make your mind up! What are we supposed to do???


The guy who thought every toilet paper roll needed a spare roll

Two rolls are not better than one!


The guy who thought chicken and beef were close enough

This person found meats very confusing.


The guy who installed these in the women's restroom

Hmm… this could prove to be a little tricky.


The guy who didn't quite get the URL right



The guy who just made these drawers unusable

Whoever owns this must be pretty annoyed!


The guy who actually does want you to pay 995

So is it $9.95 or not?


The guy who at least got one condiment right

Don’t get your condiments mixed up!


the guy who doesn't know how coffee cups work

The guy who made this mug was obviously not a coffee drinker!


The guy who forgot what non dairy meant

The guy who labeled this just might not understand the concept of non-dairy!



the guy who gave up

The guy who labeled this just could not be bothered that morning!


The guy who installed this

We bet this plumber got some complaints!


The guy who noly had one job

NOLY? This was this guys ONLY job to get right!


The guy who thought this would fix the parking lot problem

There is something about this barrier that we are just not sure about.


The guy who thought this would make it easier for drivers

Personally, we prefer a SALE!


The guy who forgot you needed a way to get on the balcony

Nice balcony, shame about the access, or lack of.


the guy who can't tell the difference between cucumbers and tomatoes

Cucumbers are looking weirder these days.


the guy who put braille behind glass

Braille behind glass just won’t work!

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