Set Up Attractive looking Paths With These Easy-To-Use Roll-Out Wooden Walkways

We’ve found this unique roll-out wooden walkway that can add a flair of sophistication to your garden without breaking the bank or your back. Garden paths are more than getting from here to there. They also add beauty, minimalist elegance and practicality to your garden or lawn. Whether they’re winding through a garden or leading to your front door, a gorgeous backyard path is always a good idea. These landscape design elements also provide a sense of structure and order, offering both aesthetics and functionality.

From gravel and concrete to brick and bluestone, garden owners can choose materials to come up with pathways designs from simple to spectacular. But of course, opting for these expensive materials is likely to cost you an arm and a leg. The only way to cut the cost is to go for a cheaper pathway material without compromising on functionality and aesthetic value. Retail company Plow & Hearth offers a budget-friendly alternative with its roll-out walkway. These are made from weather-resistant hardwood planks joined together with wire and rubber spacers. Just roll it out to keep the path high and dry.


Roll-Out Wooden Walkway

roll-out wooden walkway flexible

Ideal for damp or muddy ground, this semi-flexible wooden walkway conforms to the ground and complements any landscape style. Plow & Hearth offers these garden pathways in two different shapes – straight and curved. The straight pathway measures 8 feet long and 18 inches wide while the curved version measures 4 feet long and 18 inches wide. You can connect any number of these pieces together to create pathways of any length and shape.

roll-out wooden walkway straight


hardwood planks garden pathway


roll-out wooden walkway curved


hardwood planks garden pathway curved

Lay it out in your garden for a clean path, roll it out on a low-lying lawn area to keep it dry, or use it indoors to elevate furnishings off the floor. You have unlimited ways to use this portable wooden walkway. It is also easy to clean, you can power wash it (using low pressure) to help brighten the wood. If you want to relocate the pathway, simply roll it up and move it to another place.

hardwood planks front door path


hardwood planks backyard pathway


roll-out wooden walkway connected


straight hardwood planks garden pathway

Source: Plow & Hearth