Artist Luiza Niechoda Covers Her Beautiful Watercolor Landscape Paintings With Realistic Raindrops

The weather tends to influence our mood on a regular basis. For example, we’re more likely to feel more cheerful and friendly when the sun’s out. But when the skies turn gray and rain starts to fall, a lot of us are more than happy to stay warm and dry indoors. Listening to the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof is one of the most calming sounds in the world. And the sight of raindrops sliding down window panes always manage to fascinate us. And Warsaw-based artist Luiza Niechoda (@luizacreates) has managed to perfectly capture the serene rainy day mood with her Rain-Kissed Windows series.

Luiza paints “moods”. Serenity, or the state of pure utter peace, is evidently her favorite mood. Additionally, her paintings mostly feature elements from nature. This, she credits, stems from having grown up in Eastern Poland. According to her, she loves evening skies, misty dawns, and early autumn days a lot. In her website, she wrote that,

“I try to capture those peaceful moments of absolute bliss and serenity we can only witness spending time in nature. Creating helps me get in touch with my inner silence and I hope I can share this feeling with you.”


What’s remarkable about Luiza’s works is that she doesn’t exactly rely on soft pastels alone to evoke the feeling she wants to convey. She manages to inspire a sense of calm in her creations by painting graceful silhouettes set against a delicate backdrop. But for her Rain-Kissed Windows collection, Luiza took a moodier approach. And yet, for some reason, the serenity of each image is hard to miss.


Luiza Niechoda made a painting collection that makes you think you’re looking out from a rain-streaked window

Typically, artists prefer to paint bright, vivid images when they want to express positive feelings. But Luiza definitely had something else in mind. We reached out to Luiza and asked her about her inspiration, and this is what she had to say,

“As far as inspiration goes, I’m inspired by those rare moments of pure bliss when spending time in nature – my previous collection, named The Susurrus Collection, was about falling asleep in the grass. In this case we’re at home, staring at nature through a wet window pane.”

And as we all know, painting is not something that is done in just one sitting. It takes time to create beautiful things, and Luiza Niechoda’s incredibly detailed work certainly took quite some time. “Being an artist selling online is as busy as running any other business. With many different tasks each day, it can be tricky to carve out time for painting some days,” she said. “It took me a bit more than 2 months to finish this collection, so I’d say one painting – one week.”


You can *still* own your very own Rain-Kissed Window painting

She officially made Rain-Kissed Windows available on March 11th, 2020. The 9 piece collection consists of a wide range of rain-spattered windows. No one painting is the same. Each painting features a different view. The raindrops, too, are remarkably done. Some look as though they had just landed on the pane while some have already streaked across. Luiza shared that the inspiration for each piece varies,


“One of the paintings – “Daybreak Rain” is a view from my room at my parent’s home in Eastern Poland. The rest is either painted from imagination (doesn’t “Enchantment” look like a child’s dream? I’m very proud of this piece) or based on all the rain photos I found in my camera rool (I take a lot of these!)”

Each of her stunning Rain-Kissed Windows have custom-made, wooden window frames. It certainly makes us feel as though we’re looking out from a log cabin’s window with them on! As of writing, there are still some paintings left for you to buy and cherish. But if the one you’ve fallen in love with is already sold, you can sign up at her website to get a notification once prints are available. I can totally picture myself looking at her painting with a mug of fresh coffee in hand. Check out the collection here.

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