Photos Showing the Excitement of First-Time Experiences

We always find the thrill and excitement of doing something for the first time. Fortunately, some of these memorable moments were captured on camera.

Scroll down to see some of the funniest photos showing the joy of people experiencing something for the first time.

15.  Baby meets dog for the first time.

14.  Woah! A real-life ballerina!

13.  A dog’s first experience of the beach.

12.  His first encounter with a watermelon…

11.  A cat’s priceless reaction upon seeing a Christmas tree for the first time.

10.  I’ve no idea how this first meeting with a cousin became so awkward.

9.   Seeing a moose for the first time = dog’s biggest nightmare.

8.  This kid’s joyful reaction for seeing the rain for the first time is adorable.

7.  So, this is how snow looks like!

6.   This dog can’t hide his excitement for his first winter experience.

5.  No one is too old to fire a gun. This granny is having the fun of her life.

4.  This kid’s first ride on a roller-coaster is something he will never forget. The thrill is clearly drawn on his face.

3.  The same reaction you made when you received your first bike.

2.  It doesn’t snow in Rwanda so you can just understand the amazement on their faces.

  1.  The wonders of technology