Annoying Things You Can Relate With If You Wear Glasses

When you can’t see well without your glasses, life can be a constant struggle. Something as seemingly inconsequential as coming back indoors on a cold day can make your specs steam up like you’re in a sauna! For females, even trying to put makeup on in the morning can be an arduous task.

Applying mascara when you can barely see as far as the end of your nose is an incredible talent! Of course, just because someone wears spectacles doesn’t mean they’re as blind as a bat. What it does mean is that all of the following images are real life problems.

That feeling when you search your house for hours for your glasses only to notice that they’re on top of your head.

When you take your glasses off in front of someone for the first time.

The struggle is real.

Of course he can see without his glasses!

She wants a rest but still needs to see.

How you see vs. how your friends think you see without glasses.

Rain. The bane of life for people who wear glasses.

Not even being able to see the eye chart during your eye test.

When you come inside on a cold day.

How are you supposed to find your lost glasses if you can’t see?

You keep going to adjust your glasses even though you’re wearing contact lenses.

That face you make when your friend tries on your glasses and covers the lenses in fingerprints.

We can identify with this!

They cleaned their glasses ten minutes ago.