Band-Aid Is Releasing A New Range Of Bandages To Match Different Skin Tones

The world that we’re living in has not always been ethnically and racially diverse. So, it’s good to see more and more brands proactively embracing and celebrating diversity in terms of their product offerings. From Mattel to Crayola, Band-Aid is the latest company to express its commitment to fight against racism. The brand recently took to Instagram to announce its upcoming range of adhesive bandages in brown and black shades.

For the longest time, the company has been producing bandages that only match people with light or fair skin tones. As such, the previous years have also seen numerous petitions for the company to include deeper and darker shades. Now, it’s finally happening. Being in the industry for nearly 100 years now, the brand is finally introducing more color options to cater to more skin tones.


The bandage brand made the announcement on its Instagram page by posting a photo of five bandages in multiple hues.

They come in light, medium and dark shades of brown and black. By introducing these shades, the brand aims to effectively embrace the beauty of diverse skin.

“We are dedicated to inclusivity and providing the best healing solutions, better representing you.”

In the caption, they also declared their support in the fight against racism, violence and injustice. Moreover, they have pledged to donate to Black Lives Matter. According to the brand, “this is just the first among many steps together in the fight against systemic racism.” They concluded their announcement by acknowledging that they “must” and “will do” better. Unfortunately, they made no mention of the availability of this new line, although it appears to be in the works.

Due to recent events, the brand’s announcement has inevitably stirred up mixed reactions among the online community. While many are applauding the brand’s efforts, some are also pointing out that this initiative is long overdue. One user commented, “It is so good to see something like this happening. Later or not, what matters is our changing.” Another wrote, “So it took 100 years for you to figure out that there’s more than one skin tone.”


Band-Aid’s lack of color options has prompted other companies to fill the need for bandages that actually match one’s true skin tone

But as it turns out, this isn’t the first attempt at releasing a bandage line designed for multiracial skin tones. Band-Aid launched the Perfect Blend line back in 2005, which now consists of clear adhesive bandages. Unfortunately, they had to discontinue it due to “lack of interest at the time.”