Unexpected Things That Are Hilariously Similar to Each Other

According to study, every person has 7 doppelgangers scattered around the world. It’s not like the world has ran out of ideas but every creature in this planet is related by nature so it’s not surprising that there are people who closely resemble each other. And sometimes, doppelgangers don’t have to be persons. Look around you and you’ll see many unexpected things that look similar to each other. We have gathered the most hilarious look-alike from random things and animals we often see every day.



This sculpture from ancient Rome looks like Elvis Presley.

Chocolate croissant or sloth? Can you tell which is which?

The similarity between this candle-holder and Patrick Starr is uncanny.

Yay! Two roasted turkeys for dinner! Oh wait… the other one is my cat.

This piece of bacon looks like a dolphin.

The rip on this stocking resembles Burj Khalifa.

They both love this pose.

Look, I look like a fire hydrant!

Chuck Norris’ doppelganger from the past was Van Gogh.

Justin Timberlake in his N’sync days has hair looking exactly like this instant noodle.

This potato and the seal are both adorable.

The owl found its twin in this apple.

Can you spot the dog?

I can’t tell the difference between them.

Who wore it better?

Fashion plagiarism right here.