New Maple Me Crazy Butter Spread Is A Tasty Treat For Anytime Of Day

No pancake,waffle or toast stack will ever be complete without butter and maple syrup. They’re the quintessential breakfast meal partner. The butter’s creamy texture combined with the maple syrup’s sweetness just makes our morning stack tastier. And now Land ‘O Lakes is upgrading our breakfast experience with their new, limited edition Maple Me Crazy Maple Brown Sugar Butter Spread! This delightful new butter spread combines two of classic breakfast toppings in one smooth spread you’ll surely love!

The new spread “is here to elevate your brunch and breakfast dishes”. According to Land ‘O Lakes, you’ll taste the delightful flavors of sweet cream, maple syrup and brown sugar every time you slather this spread on your food. Adding a bit of butter on things always make it better. So you can imagine how delicious it’ll be when you add maple-flavored butter on your fresh-from-the-pan pancakes!

land o'lakes maple me crazy
Land ‘O Lakes


Up your breakfast game with Land ‘O Lakes Maple Me Crazy

According to Land ‘O Lakes, you can put the spread on just about anything. It’s great for your pancakes, waffles, toast and even your oatmeal. But that’s not all! This limited batch of maple-infused butter can also be used for baking chewy sugar cookies. You can also melt it on roasted sweet potatoes and use it to coat your caramel popcorn. Basically, if whatever you’re making calls for butter, you might as well make it extra tasty with this new, limited edition spreadable butter offering from Land ‘O Lakes! The butter company also offers a range of exciting recipes for you try using their butter spread, so you might want to check it out here.

caramel popcorn with maple me crazy butter
Land ‘O Lakes


maple french toast
Land ‘O Lakes


You can use the butter spread to bake delicious goodies like banana bread and sugar cookies

banana bread with maple me crazy butter
Land ‘O Lakes


sugar cookies baked with maple me crazy butter
Land ‘O Lakes

Dreamy, right? Sadly, this sweet innovation from Land ‘O Lakes will only be available in stores for a while, as it is labeled as a “limited batch”. It’s currently available is several supermarkets like Ralph’s, ShopRite, The Fresh, Kroger Stores, and Market Basket. So if I were you, I’d wipe that dribble of drool from my mouth and hurry over to the nearest shop to get this! A 6.5oz tub retails for less than $3, so it’s definitely a worthy purchase. A breakfast butter spread that combines three essential breakfast elements? Who wouldn’t go crazy for that?