There’s A Succulent Plant Known As ‘String Of Buttons’ And Now I Need One In My Life

Nature has a lot of cute things to offer and one of them is the string of buttons succulent plants that are literally ‘cute as a button’. Succulents are hugely popular as a houseplant for a lot of reasons. These plants require very little maintenance, they can grow anywhere, and they are known for their attractive miniature look. On top of that, these fleshy plants also hold a variety of species in many different colors, shapes, sizes, and texture.

Aside from the common long-stemmed cacti and succulents with flower-shaped leaves, they also come in other unusual forms and shapes. This is actually not surprising since there are over 10,000 known species of this plant around the world. If you’re into unique-looking houseplants then you’ll surely want to include the rabbit ears succulent and the dolphin necklace succulent in your list of favorites. You might also want to check out our newest find which is undoubtedly on the cute side. Crassula perforata, commonly known as ‘string of buttons’, makes a marvelous houseplant with its button-like stems and leaves that are stacked atop each other.


String Of Buttons Succulent

string of buttons succulent

The string of buttons succulent features triangular leaves growing in spiral around a stem that grows upright. When viewed from a distance, the foliage looks like a bunch of green, spiral pasta noodles. If given enough light, the green leaves may have a pinkish tint to the edges that adds more charm to it. Also called the ‘necklace vine’ plant, this fast-growing succulent can grow a few inches each year. When grown indoors, the stems may grow and sprawl out up to 2 feet in length. In the outdoors, they stems can grow up to 30 feet long.

string of buttons succulent plants


string of buttons succulent potted plants


crassula perforata houseplants

If you have taken care of succulents before, you will have no problem growing this string of buttons succulent. It requires minimal care and maintenance just like any other succulents you’ve had. If you’re just beginning your journey to the realms of indoor plants, this is also an ideal option for you. You can get these adorable houseplants pre-planted in a 2-inch pot complete with soil. Each pot contains 4 plants and you can immediately transfer the plants to a different planter once they arrive.

necklace of vine potted plant


necklace of vine plant


crassula perforata plants


string of buttons succulent houseplants

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