Funny Airport Pick Up Signs That Offer A Warm Welcome

Flying isn’t something that many people consider fun. The long queues and and annoying co-passengers are just a couple of the things you have to endure. However, there are some awesome ways to make someone’s journey feel worth while. If you are picking someone up from their travels, you can put a smile on their dejected face. Here we have some funny airport pick up signs that offer a warm welcome! Take a look! 

Upon her arrival, a sweet family awaits her. However, after reading this sign, would this mom still want to go home?


This kid surely knows how to be a part of the welcoming committee by putting a smile on everyone’s faces. There’s just something quite difficult to understand though, what could her message be?


This might just do the trick of sweetly fetching someone at the airport. However, we wonder what could’ve been this man’s wife’s reaction upon seeing this pickup sign. That lady boss feeling, perhaps?


Call the other stormtroopers, Darth Vader has just arrived!


Well that escalated quickly! A Bellevue soldier who just came home and has never seen his daughter was greeted with this sign. A song’s lyrics turned into reality. So call the dad, maybe?


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Now this is #relationshipgoals to the next level! A straight guy welcoming his straight friend at the airport. And yes, we’re also wondering what might’ve been Tom’s reaction after seeing this from his friend…


And this is how to greet someone at the airport on a holiday season. Wear something noticeable and be the gift, yourself!


Well, this family might have forgotten to follow the instructions on the map to have reached a different place. Note that this picture was taken from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


Now this might help in finding her way home. This girl just flew by herself for the first time and this was how she was greeted at the airport. Could she really be the next Jedi?