26 Strange And Amusing Inventions That Surprisingly Get The Job Done

Here at Awesome Inventions, it would be very fair to say we have seen our fair share of creations. Some are utterly brilliant, some are pretty boring and others are so terrible it makes you wonder what goes on in some people’s brains. However, we’ve come to realize that what one person deems as garbage another deems as gold. So, when we came across the below list of inventions, many of which seemed strange, we kept an open mind to discover that many of them are actually really useful!

Get a 6-pack in seconds with this ‘AB hancer’…

unique inventions ab enhancer

Corner angled photo frames make decorating easy!

unique inventions angled corner frames

No one will even think of stealing your food with these mold bags! 

unique inventions anti theft lunch bags

No more tears with the baby visor!

unique inventions baby bath visor

Let your baby help with the chores with the ‘Babygro Mop’!

unique inventions babygrow mop

Stay warm and look cool with this beard hat!

unique inventions beard hat

Feeling lonely? The boyfriend pillow could be the answer. 

unique inventions boyfriend pillow

Do your breasts need a massage? Look no further!

unique inventions breast gymnastics hand massager

You’re about to leave for work and notice a huge crease in your shirt. No bother! You can iron it out with this cool mug!

unique inventions coffee mug iron

Take the effort out of filling your bird feeder by using one of these!

unique inventions cutting board bird feeder

The ducks will never suspect a thing!

unique inventions duck bill dog muzzle

These goal post chairs are a great idea!

unique inventions goal chairs

These awesome mittens have an extra slot for little hands.

unique inventions hold my hand mittens

Never stumble in the dark again when wearing these LED slippers.

unique inventions led slippers

These inventions prove you should never judge a book by its cover! At first glance, we laughed and were a little perplexed as to the need for many of these creations but if you take them seriously and keep an open mind you realize that there are plenty of people who would benefit from having these unique items in their lives. Thinking outside of the box really can pay off!

Doorbells can be so boring. Not this one!

unique inventions piano door bell

Entertain your guests without hogging loads of space using this ping pong door!

unique inventions ping door

No more wonky, uneven pizza slices and say goodbye to burnt fingers!

unique inventions pizza scissors

This roller buggy makes for an easier and quicker traveling experience. 

unique inventions roller buggy scooter pram

Unleash your inner rock star with this microphone sponge. 

unique inventions sing in shower sponge

This sleeping bag suit is a must have for campers! 

unique inventions sleeping bag suit

Be protected from every direction with this spherical umbrella!

unique inventions spherical umbrella

Make sure your pooch stays dry with their very own umbrella!

unique inventions umbrella for dogs

Ensure you stay dry whilst being able to see what’s going on around you.

unique inventions umbrella with goggles

A walking powered bike for those who like to be different…

unique inventions walking powered bike

Finally a water gun that has protection attached to it!

unique inventions water gun umbrella

Stay conscious of your waistline with this belt. 

unique inventions weight watching belt