19 DIY Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Even Better


Even if you love to cook, saving time, improving efficiency and streamlining storage in the kitchen is an appealing idea. The good news is that you don't have to completely remodel your kitchen to achieve these goals. These simple ideas are great ways to make your kitchen even better than it already is, and hopefully save you a bit of time and effort. While it's possible that not all of these will be helpful to all people, you might just pick up an amazing tip that will change the way things are done in your kitchen forever!


Old plastic bottles can make excellent storage containers.


Vintage caddies are ideal for storing items you might want to move around, such as condiments or cutlery.


Organizing your under sink area can maximum storage potential.


Fix towel racks to the inside of your cupboards to use as lid holders.


Old tissue boxes can be used to hold plastic bags.


Tension rods can help you store chopping boards more neatly and allow you easier access.


If you have shutter doors, they can be used to hang utensils.


A shoe holder in the pantry can give you valuable extra storage space.


An old rake makes a rustic wine glass holder.


Lacking storage space? Something like this can be used to store pots and pans, as well as making extra shelf space.


Pegboards can make hanging extra storage a breeze.



Organizing your measuring cups and spoons will save you time.


This is an adorable way to meal plan for the week.


This DIY utensil storage is super simple to make.


These wall-mounted metal baskets give lots of extra storage space.


This DIY unit is excellent for entertaining.


If an old hanger is broken or unwanted, cut off the ends to make chip clips.


This pull out cutting board over a trash can is a genius idea.


Mount a roll of brown paper like this and you'll never again lose the grocery list.