You Can Get A Radish Shaper That Turns Them Into Little Super Mario Mushrooms

Bored of the usual veggies? Then why not turn your radishes into cute Super Mario mushrooms with this radish shaper? Kids don’t usually like to eat radishes so they are likely to miss out on the health benefits of these root vegetables. Now, this is where attractive food presentation comes in useful. If you can’t induce their taste buds to take radishes then you can at least trick their eyes. Ordinary food in fun shapes have been proven to entice kids into eating. And if your kids happen to be fans of Super Mario then this kitchen tool will help you encourage them to eat radishes.

This gadget allows you to cut radishes into adorable mushrooms that look like the popular Super Mushrooms from the Super Mario series. So, now you can turn this ordinary vegetable into cute red mushrooms with white spots. Keep the excitement rolling by telling your kids that these tiny Super Mushrooms can power them up into their Super form, just like in the iconic video game. Then watch your kids eat their radishes with pleasure.


Radish Shaper

You can transform radishes into Super Mushrooms in just minutes. First, cut the top off the radish then press the cut edge into the serrated center of the gadget. Hold the tool in one hand and use the other hand to turn the root veggie clockwise into the blade. Keep on turning the veggie until it can go no further. Pull out the veggie to reveal its new shape – a tiny red mushroom complete with a cap and a stalk.

radish shaper


how to use radish shaper


ravanello kitchen tool veggie


kitchen tool trasnforms radishes to mushrooms

Lastly, use the tip of the shaper to create the white spots on the red cap. Then, voila! You can serve these cute Super Mushrooms roasted or sautéed to kick up your kid’s appetite. Add some fantasy to your veggie salads, vegetable soups or side dishes with the help of this amazing kitchen tool.

ravanello radish shaper


root veggies that look like super mushrooms


kitchen tool turns radishes into mushrooms


radish shaper can turn radishes into mushrooms

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Learn how to use this simple kitchen tool on the video instruction below

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