You Can Get Kits To Grow-Your-Own Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree From Amazon

Sure, booking a flight to Japan to witness the majestic beauty of cherry blossoms or sakura is always a good idea. But wouldn’t it be better if you could just grow one in the comfort of your home? Well, now you can absolutely do so with these cherry blossom bonsai tree kits from Amazon!

These springtime blossoms are known as Japan’s “unofficial” national flower for a good number of reasons. Not only do they signal the start of spring, but they also symbolize beauty, hope and new beginnings. Conversely, they also signify the ephemerality of life. As such, they’ve been a vital aspect of Japanese art and culture.

Outdoor Patio with Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree in Pot

Meanwhile, bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees. While its roots date back to an ancient Chinese horticulture practice, it has undoubtedly flourished under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism. It involves intricate cultivation techniques to grow small trees that effectively mimic the scale and shape of full-grown trees. Since it’s generally an art form, of course, it would take a lot of practice and patience to perfect it.

Boy Holding a Small Plant Pot

Luckily, Amazon is selling instructional grow-your-own kits that will surely come in handy especially for beginners. Each kit includes Japanese cherry blossom flowering bonsai seeds, bonsai soil mix, a ceramic vase, some pebbles and an instruction manual. According to the product description, the seeds included are enough to germinate several starter plants.


Grown your own cherry blossom bonsai tree at home with this handy DIY kit!

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree DIY Kit

However, it’s important to note that growing bonsai trees is definitely not an easy feat, although it’s not entirely impossible. To speed up the germination rate, seeds may have to undergo stratification. Stratification is the process of simulating natural conditions that prompt the seed to germinate. So, as for bonsai seeds, you might have to subject them to a process called cold stratification.

Living Room with Indoor Cherry Blossom Bonsai Trees in Pots

This involves soaking the seed in water for 24 hours. Seeds that sink to the bottom are most likely to germinate than the ones that float. Set aside the good seeds and place them on a damp paper towel. Afterward, seal the damp paper towel with seeds into a plastic bag. Finally, place the plastic bag inside the refrigerator and let the seeds cold stratify for at least one to two months.

Indeed, waiting for the seed to germinate alone already entails a lot of patience. But the waiting game doesn’t simply stop there. In fact, it takes three years, at the very least, for bonsai trees to fully sprout. So, you might also want to take that into consideration in case you’re planning to grow one at home.


The process may be long and tedious, but it’s surely rewarding once the flowers start to bloom

But despite the long and tedious process, growing your own bonsai tree certainly gives an undeniable sense of fulfillment. So, if you’re up for the challenge, get your bonsai tree kit here and get ready to embark on an exciting journey!

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