Every Super Mario Fan Will Love One Of These Piranha Plant Lamps In Their Home

If there’s one video game series that had steadily stood the test of time, it’s the unyielding Super Mario Game. Now you can profess your undying love for the iconic Nintendo retro game by adding this Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp into your collection. This posable lamp comes in the shape of the vicious vegetation as it comes out from it tunnel. Complete with pointy teeth and a pair of leaves, this unique lamp features a flexible stalk. So you can adjust the direction of the light to your preferred angle.

The Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp approximately measures 20 inches tall. It features a powerful LED light bulb located at the center of the plant’s mouth. It comes with a USB cord so you can plug it into your computer, laptop, or wall adapter. Since the lamp is supported by a weighted base, you can adjust the direction of the lamp head without worrying of it tipping over. Even when you’re not using it as a lamp, this collectible also makes a geeky ornament on your desk.


Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

super mario piranha plant lamp posable stalk


nintendo licensed posable led light lamp


nintendo licensed led light with flexible stalk

This posable lamp is due to ship on June 2020. But it is stated that date could change due to delays in manufacturing. There are only few stocks remaining so it’s best to pre-order now. And while you’re at it, you can also grab a pair of Piranha Slippers to match your footwear with the lamp. Nothing can be more engrossing than playing Super Mario game while being surrounded by your Mario-inspired collectibles.

mario-inspired posable led light lamp


super mario piranha plant lamp

The Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp is now available for pre-order on Merchoid. It was designed by the same company that made the Super Mario Question Block Light. The company offers free delivery for UK, US, and Europe only. And all of their geeky Super Mario-inspired products are officially licensed by Nintendo..

Source: Merchoid