Rock Climbing Family Build Their Very Own Indoor Rock Climbing Wall For Their Children


This family are really into climbing. The children compete in bouldering competitions, so their parents wanted them to have an awesome, home-based area to train in. They already had a climbing wall in their house, but it was built ten years ago and was no longer looking good. The kids were used to the angles on the old wall, which were similar on both sides, but it was getting really tired, old-looking and dirty.  Check out the wonderful renovations that went on inside this house to give these lucky climbing children a new challenge. 

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The sad state of the old wall, built ten years ago.

The angles were too similar, plus storage was limited.



The shelf was too high for the kids to access.


The first step of the big renovation was to strip the wall.


The next step was to remove the plywood, retaining it for use on the new wall.


Demolition time! It doesn't even look like a climbing wall at this point.


The young son even helped out by removing the nails from the wood.


The plan.


All the framing was laid out.


Next step: building the framing members.


This first attempt of framing was too tight at the top.


The son nailing the 2×6's.


Framing success! The original framing materials were used, as well as some left over from a friend's ice skating project.


Framing for the walls is now complete. The room will contain 10, 20, 30 and 40 degree walls plus a vertical wall at the back. 


Next step: the plywood. All of the original plywood was used and the family only had to buy ten extra sheets.


Almost done with the plywood. 



The room is starting to take shape.


Now it's time to paint the walls.


And to reinstall the padding, which is made up of seat material from old cars.


New carpets are laid and the holds are ready, just waiting to be washed.


The family put the power washer to good use. 


Now to let the holds dry out.


Check out the new wall in all its glory!


And another shot of the completed wall.


And another angle.


The hangboard area of the wall. 


The new climbing wall room has cubbies for shoe storage.


There are more storage options, too.


Such an improvement on the old storage area.


Time to test out the new climbing wall!

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