People Confess Why They Were Forced To End Their Relationships

Relationships can be tough at times. Sometimes you might be so frustrated by your partner that you don’t want to be around them. However, when you’re told by someone else that you aren’t allowed to be with your partner, it’s a totally different story. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with parents for many different reasons, some justified, some not. Here we have images where people confess why they ended their relationships. Sadly, many of these images will leave you feeling really sorry for the people involved. Take a look!
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People Confess Why They Ended Their Relationships

Arranged marriages just don’t seem fair to us. 

People should not force their views onto their children. 

What a horrible situation to go through.

Our judgement on this situation depends on the age of the couple involved, but at least they were being safe. 

You can’t force someone to convert to a religion! It must be a choice. 

To be fair, no parent will enjoy seeing that but forcing a break up seems harsh. 

Some parents need to try understanding and supporting rather than being pushy and dominant. 

There’s got to be more to this story. 

It’s crazy how many parents push their racial prejudice onto their kids. 

This is totally bizarre to us. So many people make long distance relationships work! 

Sometimes, parents don’t always know best. 

This is another one that depends on age, we feel. 

This has got to be so frustrating to go through!

Hmm. This seems judgmental but we don’t know enough about the situation. 

This is a little odd. Two and a half years doesn’t seem like a worrying age gap!