15 Amazing Tropical Ideas For You To Do This Christmas


Dreaming of warmer climates this Christmas? Perhaps you want to make the most of the balmy temperatures wherever you are in the world. Whatever the scenario, these 15 tropical Christmas party ideas will bring a touch of the exotic to your party plans. From tasty treats to alternative Christmas tree ideas, trying these awesome ideas in your home this festive season will ensure your festive celebrations are truly memorable!


This beach party wreath is both easy and fun to make as well as being fun to look at!


These cocktail umbrella trees with lights inside give a tropical stained glass effect.


This cute little beach hut is made from cookies, pretzels and a lot of imagination!


These Pineapple Wassail mocktails can be enjoyed by all the family.


These tropical gingerbread cookies are so cool and Christmassy!


A Hawaiian themed tree is colorful and eye-catching.


Everyone needs pine cone pineapples at Christmas!


How about a tropical themed paper photo booth at your Christmas party this year?


Chocolate covered pineapple slices are a tasty treat!



Fancy a snowball fight? You might just want to eat these ones instead!


These water chestnut and bacon Luau Bites can be prepared in advance ready to cook when your guests arrive.


This Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread with pecan nuts looks amazing and is a real talking point.


Chestnut Pineapples are lovely to look at and even better to eat!


Try making coconut candles to add a tropical glow later in the evening.



Watch the video below

Some tropical Christmas decor ideas for more inspiration.

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