Go All Out For Your Kitty This Halloween With A Pumpkin Cat Bed

It’s the season of the pumpkins so it’s time to bring out your pumpkin-themed decors and items once again. If you haven’t got this pumpkin cat bed yet, this is your chance to get one for your furry feline. Get your kitty into the Halloween vibe with this comfortable pet bed that is shaped like a pumpkin. This pumpkin cat bed is designed by Hyde and Eek! Boutique, a company that offers a wide array of Halloween-themed items such as costumes, decors, treats, and pet products. Its line of pet products includes costumes for cats and dogs, cat scratchers, and cat toys. Now, the company offers a new exciting way to give our cats a cozy sleeping spot with this pumpkin-inspired bed.

target pumpkin cat bed

Instead of the usual round pumpkin figure, this pumpkin cat bed features a pyramid-shaped form with a four-sided base. It has a triangle-shaped opening on one of the sides which is wide enough for your kitty to easily enter and exit. In order to create a more realistic appearance, the top has a little green stem, making it look like it was fresh from the harvest. How can a realistic pumpkin make a comfortable sleeping spot for your feline pet?

This pet bed is made of polyester and polyurethane foam to provide plush and snuggly bed for your kitty. Its enclosed bed design also gives the privacy and seclusion that most cats desire for a bed. Overall, it measures 16 inches wide and 15 inches tall, weighing only 1.15 pounds. Despite its weight, this pumpkin cat bed can support up to 25 pounds of weight, making it suitable for small and medium-sized cats.

This pumpkin-shaped pet bed is available on Target for $19.99.

Looking for something a tad more round in shape?

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Get yours here.

If you’re more of a dog person, you can also use this bed for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, and papillons.