There’s A Ghost-Detecting Stone On Amazon That Turns Red If A Ghost Is Nearby

As we prepare for the upcoming Halloween, we’ll be giving you more spooky stuffs to grace the season. And if you’re planning to go ghost-hunting, this ghost-detecting stone will help you find what you’re looking for. Obviously, Halloween night is definitely the best time for ghost hunting. If you are sick and tired of the childish trick-or-treat then we suggest you take on a real scary challenge. Pick a spooky place, preferably a haunted one, and conduct a paranormal investigation with your friends. But what if you are not endowed with a third eye or a sixth sense? How can you tell if there’s a ghost around if you are not ‘gifted’? Thanks to this ghost-detecting stone, you can now feel like a paranormal expert and feel the presence of otherworldly entities.

Baketan Reiseki

baketan reiseki ghost-detecting stone changes light

Japanese company SolidAlliance unveiled its ghost-detecting stone called Baketan Reiseki in February 2019. The company has been producing devices that can detect ghosts since 2005. Surprisingly, these ghost-detecting devices became big hits in the Japanese subculture market. Well actually, this doesn’t come as a surprise for those who understand Japanese culture and folklore. In Japan, people believe that ghost stories and urban legends are not just products of the imagination. But rather, the concept of ghosts and the paranormal provide deep insights into the boundary between life and death. This is why most Japanese believe in the afterlife and in wandering spirits. However, believing alone isn’t sufficient on its own. One needs to actually feel or see the proof of the supernatural existence in order to confirm the notion.

solidalliance japan ghost-detecting stone

This is the reason why the Baketan Reiseki was created. This ghost-detecting stone allows anyone, even without any psychic abilities, to tell if a spiritual presence is nearby. The name of the device comes from the Japanese words “obake” (ghost) and “tan” (search). And Reiseki comes from “rei” (spirit) and “seki” (stone). Putting the words together will explain what this device is all about –

A stone that searches for ghosts and other spiritual entities.

baketan reiseki ghost-detecting stone cracked quartz

So, how does this unusual stone work? The main element of this device is the cracked quartz ball inside the plastic shell. Cracked quartz is a gemstone that has the ability to absorb energy from its surroundings. Furthermore, it can adjust energy balance by activating positive energy and warding off negative energy. The cracked quartz is connected to a tiny bulb that changes color when the stone detects an unusual energy. According to the product description, the light stays green under normal circumstances. When the light is green, it means there are no signs of any paranormal presence nearby.

baketan reiseki ghost-detecting stone blue light


baketan reiseki ghost-detecting stone

Take note that the stone can detect both positive and negative energies. When the light turns blue-green, it currently detects a weak presence of good spirits or angels. A blue light means a strong presence of these positive spiritual entities. On the other hand, the light turns yellow when it detects a weak presence of bad spirits or ghosts. When it turns red, it’s telling you that a strong presence of sinister ghosts or spirits is near you. The bulb is powered by a lithium coin CR2016 battery. Watch the video below that shows you how to replace the battery.

There’s a button in front of the plastic shell that allows you to choose from three different modes. Pressing this button activates the Search Mode that will instantly scan the area. The device will make a beeping sound as it searches your surrounding which will eventually stop when it settles on a specific color. Pressing the button twice activates the Automatic Mode that will scan the area in which you’re currently standing every 10 minutes. Lastly, pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds activates the Barrier Mode that will ward off any evil spirits lurking around you.

baketan reiseki ghost-detecting stone red light

You’re probably thinking that the only way to see that it actually works is to see it in action. Japanese news blog SoraNews24 correspondent Seiji Nakazawa recently put this ghost-detecting stone to test when the news crew visited the Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, UK. Of course, nothing could be more fitting to be a testing ground than Britain’s most haunted historic castle. Check out the video below to see how the Baketan Reiseki device fared in the haunted castle.

If the video still didn’t convince you then you might want to try it for yourself. You can get this paranormal stone here. Well, this settles our plan for the Halloween eve then. Let’s get this ghost-detecting stone and let’s hunt for ghosts before they start haunting us.