Milky Way Are Launching A Delicious New Salted Caramel Flavor

Fans of all things sweet and salty will definitely love the new Milky Way Salted Caramel bar. Just recently, Milky Way teased its fans on its Twitter and Instagram pages with a photo of a question mark topped with white particles. Fans were quick to key in their guesses for this new flavor. Coconut, sea salt, salted caramel, and milk powder were some of the notable responses.

Milky Way/Instagram

The following day, Milky Way then revealed the official packaging of its upcoming salted caramel variant to put an end to these speculations.

Milky Way has been known for its candy bars, serving a triple-threat delight of caramel, nougat, and chocolate.

Here’s what we know so far about this exciting new treat.

The Milky Way Salted Caramel bars are expected to hit the markets by January 2020, in a full size range. This includes the Single packs (1.56 ounce) and Fun-size Six-packs (3.38 ounces). In the meantime, Share-size (3.16 ounces) versions of this flavor will be available in select Walmart stores starting October.

milky way salted caramel bar
Milky Way/Instagram

In terms of its salted-caramel nature, it’s still unclear whether the salt will be incorporated in the caramel filling mixture or just sprinkled on top of the bar. Either way, we’re sure that you’d still satisfy your sweet-salty cravings with each bar. The brand has also yet to confirm whether these salted caramel bars are just a limited edition or a permanent addition to the brand’s existing lineup.

With this upcoming variant, Milky Way officially joins the salted caramel craze along with other chocolate brands like M&M’s, Hershey’s, and Cadbury.

If you can’t wait for this to hit shelves then try the simply caramel flavor to get your fix!