These Epic Pool Floats Have Built-In Squirt Guns For Battling It Out On The Water

Squirt guns are a key ingredient to an epic and fun summer. This is why Swimline, the largest manufacturer of inflatable pool floats, launched a set of inflatable battle boards with built-in squirt guns. So, your kids can have water battles in the pool for hours. Summertime has never been this exciting.

This set of unique floats will surely bring the fun of a classic rivalry to your summer days. With the integrated squirt guns, it’s a challenging and super fun game for the whole family. Each battle board raft has a splash guard that acts as a shield. So your kids can duck behind and protect their faces from their opponent’s attack. Your kids can easily access the squirt guns located on the side of the splash guard. All they have to do is lie down on the raft, hold onto the squirt guns, paddle around with their feet and prepare to attack.


These Unique Pool Floats Have Integrated Squirters

pool floats with integrated squirt guns

These fun floats are available in three options: set of 2, set of 4, and set of 2 + a battle station. The set of 2 includes two inflatable battle board rafts in blue and green colors. The set of 4 includes one pair of blue rafts and one pair of green rafts. So, you can team up in pairs and wage in a splashy warfare in the pool. Lastly, the set of 3 includes one blue raft + one green raft + one purple battle station. The battle station has two boards on each side to accommodate two kids at a time. Each board is also equipped with two squirt guns to allow your kids to squirt away while standing up in the water.

battleboard rafts set of four


battleboard raft and battle station squirt guns

The built-in squirt guns are adjustable and movable so you can point them in any direction. Furthermore, the squirt guns automatically draw water from the pool so there’s no need to manually refill the guns. The splash guard can also be used as a cushy pillow if your kids choose to simply lounge on the floats instead. One satisfied customer wrote:

“The kids loved these. They had seen that at a party and were so excited to receive them as a gift. Tons of fun in the swimming pool.”

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pool floats and battle station with squirt guns

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